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new! DiPP2013 International Conference on Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, September 18 - 21, 2013)

The International Conference on Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage - DiPP2012 aims at presenting innovations, research projects and applications in the field of digitisation, documentation, archiving, representation and preservation of global and national tangible and intangible cultural and scientific heritage. The main focus is to provide open access to digitised cultural heritage and to set up sustainable policies for its continuous digital preservation and conservation. A priority area is the digital presentation and preservation of cultural and historical objects under conditions of risk, including those under the auspices of UNESCO. The forum will demonstrate innovative technologies and prototypes, including digital repositories, digital archives, virtual museums and digital libraries, which result from established practices and achievements in the field. Representatives will be invited to participate and exchange experiences, ideas, knowledge and best practices of the field from a number of public and specialised libraries, museums, galleries, archives, centres, both national and foreign research institutions and universities.

Accompanying Events:

  • National information day on Open access to scientific information.
  • Workshop on the Process of creation and development in Living Labs (Duration: half day; Description: The workshop will present the Living Labs idea, perspectives, and few Living Labs. The workshop participant will touch the Living Lab Requirement: Computer hall and Internet access).
  • Workshop on Astroinformatics and Exhibition (Programme);
  • Tutorial on Computing: Technological Advances, Social Implications, Ethical and Legal Issues presented by Narayan C. Debnath, Ph. D, D. Sc., Professor and Chairman of the Department of Computer Science at the Winona State University; President International Society for Computers and Their Applications (ISCA).
  • Demonstration sessions of digital libraries and repositories preserving national cultural and scientific heritage;
  • Discussion forums on

            -   issues of the promotion of the free flow of ideas and universal access to cultural and scientific information;

            -   issues of digital presentation and preservation of cultural objects under conditions of risk;

            -   digitisation and digital preservation in the struggle against illicit trafficking of cultural values.

Working language of the conference: English.


Conference Proceedings (Published online in Central and Eastern European Online Library, Germany)


List of the accepted paper

DiPP2012 Programme

Call for paper (in English), Call for paper (in Bulgarian)

Conference Organization and Sponsorships Conference Organization and Sponsorships

Principal Organiser: Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IMI-BAS), 1113 Sofia, 8, Acad. G Bonchev Str., website:, office phone +359 2 870 1072, fax no.:(+359-2) 971-36-49, e-mail:

Co-Organisers: University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (Sofia), St Cyril and St Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo, Regional Museum of History (Veliko Tarnovo), Regional Public Library "P.R. Slaveykov" (Veliko Tarnovo), Veliko Turnovo Municipality.

Hosts of the Event: Regional Museum of History (Veliko Tarnovo), Regional Public Library "P.R. Slaveykov" (Veliko Tarnovo)

Location of the Event: The Regional Museum of History and the Regional Public Library "P.R. Slaveykov" in Veliko Tarnovo

Region Veliko Turnovo - Candidate of European Capital of Culture 2019